Be Live

Be Live Facebook Plugin

The New Way to Engage Your Community

We use Be Live for our Live Q&A calls and wanted to also let you know about this great resource.

When it comes to the 4 macro pieces we want you to create, having a weekly live show is a great way to organically increase your engagement. Remember, if someone comments on any posts, Facebook’s algorithm will trigger the following posts you do to show to that user because of their engagement.


Facebook Live is Reality

Sitting with Jon Cheplak, who appeared on our podcast, he talked about reality tv and the impact it has on people…

People are consumed with reality tv and the next best thing to that is a live video. Allow your audience to plug themselves into the picture, to hear from you live, to ask and answer questions.

Make Sure to Add the Integration to Facebook

If you are planning to hop onto our weekly Facebook calls, please consider allowing Be Live to show your profile picture and name. It’s free and it takes 5 seconds. This will not only help on our live calls, but on live calls you may be on in the future or one’s you plan to host yourself.

Here is the link to allow Be Live to show your picture and name.

This is what it will look like. You click one button to allow and you are set!

As always, if you have a questions, comment, etc. reach out on our Facebook Group by clicking here. If it is urgent, send us an email by using the Support form.

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