LinkedIn Business Profile

Optimizing your profile is the best way to be seen on LinkedIn. Keeping an updated profile is just as important if you want to continue to attract new followers as well as appear relevant to your current followers. Once you take advantage of the multiple features on LinkedIn, an optimized profile will increase visibility to the sections of your profile that are most important to you.

Module Outline and Objectives:

  • Updating and optimizing your profile for visibility

  • How to setup your profile to make you stand out

  • Adding video, images and more to tell your story

  • Adding profile sections that solidify you from the crowd

  • Creative ways to increase your rankings in the search results

Updating and Optimizing your LinkedIn Profile

An outdated profile suggests you are outdated. Instead, you want to position yourself ready to engage and communicate with your followers. Performing a quarterly social media checkup is the best way to accomplish this feat, and includes:

  • Verifying the rich media on your profile, like YouTube links and presentations, to make sure they are relevant and working

  • Auditing your website link

  • Viewing your LinkedIn activity to see which content is resonating with your followers

Checking to make sure your previous information is up-to-date is a great quarterly practice, however, you need to fully optimize your LinkedIn profile first.

LinkedIn Basic Setup

Having the basics of LinkedIn work in your favor are a great way to start.

Screenshot 2019-06-30 20.55.21.png

You LinkedIn profile should not resemble a traditional resume. Instead, if you are looking to attract new clients infused with your personality, here’s where to start:

  • Optimize your Profile Photo

    • A "professional” image won’t make you stand out. What will make you stand out is a headshot, used across all of your social media profiles, that is recognizable.

    • Use a high-quality image that measures at least 200 x 200 pixels. If you use a smaller image it will become distorted and pixelated.

      • You can use Canva to get the perfect dimensions for your photo

Screenshot 2019-07-01 15.48.15.png
  • Customize your Profile and Website URL

    • Your goal is to make it easy for people to find you. Using a profile URL (think username) with your name or team name is another way to get people to see your brand. For example:

    • To customize your profile URL, click the “Me” icon and select View Profile. Once on your profile, click the “Pencil” icon. Scroll to the bottom and select Profile URL, Websites, Phone, etc. Finally, click your Profile URL and/or Website URL(s) to update them.

  • Make your Headline stand out

    • Appearing directly under your name across all LinkedIn pages, your headline is your first impression, and it is searchable.

    • Limited to 120 characters, use a headline that will appeal to your target audience.

      • Click the “pencil” icon on your profile to edit your headline.

Stand out with Video

Nothing tells your story like a video that tells your story. Adding a video to your introduction summary is a great way to make your LinkedIn Profile and Company Page stand out.

You could upload multiple videos, presentations, photos and documents, or you can link them from a host site like your blog, YouTube, etc.

Screenshot 2019-07-01 16.14.20.png

Recommendations, Skills and Endorsements

Screenshot 2019-07-01 17.09.16.png


To get your LinkedIn profile seen by new followers think in terms of keyword. What do people search for and where do you want people to find you?

For example, “Realtor” is much more likely to appear in a search than “Real Estate Sales Professional”.

To add a skill, click the “Me” icon and select View Profile. Next, scroll to the Skills & Endorsements section and click Add a new skill.

You can also reorder your skills by hovering over the three-line icon and dragging it.


Recommendations are the best way to build trust with a new follower. Recommendations from peers are great, but you should seek recommendations from other members of your targeted audience that have already completed business with you.

Requesting a recommendation is easy. Just click the “Ask for a recommendation” link on your profile. Next, follow the prompts to complete and send your request.

Screenshot 2019-07-01 16.30.24.png

Education, Accomplishments, Certifications and More

Screenshot 2019-07-01 16.34.26.png


Completing the education section on your profile is a great way to connect with present, past and future students. If you didn’t go to college, get creative, use “School of DIY”, or “Entrepreneur Since Day 1”. Again, match your voice and brand to attract the type of client you want to find on LinkedIn.

You can add or edit details about your education by clicking the + or “pencil” icons.

Accomplishments, Certifications, Awards, Publications, Etc.

You goal is to stand out. These sections can help you do that. Adding certifications, awards, etc. help you build credibility and also showcase your experience and passions in a new light.

Relevant Content


Your LinkedIn content should not be identical to some of your other social media pages. After all, this is a professional networking site. With that in mind, however, LinkedIn is a great place to share relevant content.

When uploading content to LinkedIn, ask yourself these questions, “Does this provide value to my audience” and “Am I teaching my audience something they want to learn?”

Posting consistent and relevant content is the best way to be seen on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn Articles

Writing long-form articles on LinkedIn is a great way to organically boost the amount of views to your page. Similar to a blog post, navigate to the LinkedIn publishing tool to start writing an article. You can also add content from your personal or company blog here.

According to LinkedIn, in February 2018, the platform rewards people who share content in multiple ways like long-form articles, video, posts, and more. Get creative and mix up the type of content you post to LinkedIn to get more exposure on the platform.

Pro Tip: Share your articles into groups for a chance to be features in LinkedIn’s Daily Rundown.

Growing your LinkedIn Network

Your search results are typically based on who you know and who your network is connected to. For the most part, first-degree connections (people you follow) are shown at the top, followed by second-degree connections, and so on. Adding more connections is a great way to expand your reach, however, adding people you don’t know will cause you having to spend more time on LinkedIn in order to get your content seen by your current followers.

Screenshot 2019-07-01 17.22.36.png

Think of your connections are your sphere, past clients, friends, family, mentors and more. You could also add your LinkedIn page onto your website, blog, email signature and more to give people a way to connect with you.

Advice/Word of Caution: Yes, you can import emails into LinkedIn. However, if you are adding cold emails to connect with on LinkedIn, don’t… This is our biggest pet peeve on LinkedIn.

Screenshot 2019-07-01 16.52.26.png


LinkedIn groups are a great way for you to connect with other real estate professionals and help you grow your real estate referral network. You can also find many groups related to your target audience.

Use the search box at the top of your LinkedIn home page to search for groups by typing keywords.

Backlinks to your Profile and Company Page

Having an optimized profile or page is great but you have to get people to see your content.

Adding links to your profile or page from elsewhere on the web will get you seen as a credible and popular profile. As a result, your LinkedIn profile will rank higher in search results.

Consider linking your other social media sites to a LinkedIn article. If you are publishing a blog on your website, use examples on your LinkedIn profile to link people back to.

In Conclusion

If LinkedIn is new for you, or you’ve had a profile for a number of years, optimizing both your profile and company page are essential to your success. A complete and optimized profile will provide value to your target audience, will help you cut through the noise, attract new clients and grow your business.

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