Instagram Live

An Instagram Story allows you to create a video that appears at the top of of news feeds for 24 hours. However, as more stories are created throughout the day by other users, you video is pushed back and is no longer seen at the top. That is not the case for a Live video which stays at the top left-hand corner of a user’s feed until they watch the video or the 24 hour period elapses. It’s time you take advantage of this great feature.


Module Outline and Objectives:

  • Why you should go live to increase your engagement

  • How to go live on Instagram

  • Utilizing the questions feature on Instagram live

  • Creative ways to go live

Why should you go live?

Not only does a live video stay at the top of your audience’s feed, it will also send a message to every user currently on Instagram, unless they’ve manually turned these notifications off.

With Instagram being controlled by an algorithm, it is imperative to engage with your audience and stay top of mind.

Going live is the closest way to connecting with your audience rather than being in person. Additionally, the comments sent back and forth on your live videos will tell Instagram that you are engaging with the community and they are engaging with you.

How to go Live on Instagram

To begin a live broadcast, go to your Instagram Stories and swipe the bottom menu to Live.


Flip Your Camera

Is your camera pointed the wrong way? Now would be the time to Tap the icon to the right of your Start Live Video button to flip your camera.

Next to this is a smiley face which allows you to add Filters.

After you have everything set up, click Go Live to start your broadcast. Once you start your live video, Instagram will notify your followers.

Managing your live broadcast


While you’re live, it’s good to know some key settings.

At the bottom of the screen, you can see the number of viewers and the users who have joined your live video. You can even prompt a conversation by starting and replying to comments.

This helps you keep tabs on whether your audience is engaged in what you’re showing them, based on how often you see people comment or exit.

If you want to close commenting, tap on the three dots at the bottom right.

Tap on the Live button at the top left of the screen to find out how long you’ve been broadcasting.

To see who’s watching your broadcast, tap on the number of viewers to the right of the Live button (at the top left). If you need to kick someone outtap the X next to his or her name.

Ending your live video

When you’re ready to end your broadcast, tap the End button at the top-right corner of the screen.

You’ll then see your Instagram Live video analytics, which is the number of viewers. Then, you’ll be able to share your video for the next 24 hours. They will also be able to see your live video on your profile and will be able to watch it there as well.

Creative ways to use Instagram live

When determining when to create live videos, think about two things:

  1. What type of videos can I shoot on the go with my smartphone that you don’t want saved for the future?

  2. What type of video do you want your audience to be notified about?

Here are some ideas:

  • Invite friends to watch your live video and invite them on as guests

  • Making a big announcement about a recent change, award, milestone, etc.

  • A behind-the-scenes look at your office, the day in the life of X, how to prepare a listing for sale, what goes on at a home inspection, etc.

  • A live Q&A with your audience

  • Market updates or major changes happening within the industry

In Conclusion

If you want engagement you need video. If you want to create videos that are pushed to your audience, Instagram live is the answer.

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