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Today, people spend more than millions of hours just viewing videos on Facebook. According to Cisco, they estimate that video will increase 11-fold between 2015 and 2020, accounting for 75% of all mobile data traffic by 2020.

Both today and in the near future, video is and will be an increasingly important way to reach your customer and tell your story.

Don’t miss out; reach your audience on Facebook desktop and mobile with your engaging stories told in your brand voice.

Module Outline and Objectives:

  • Tips for Effective Storytelling Through Video

  • Quickly and easily create a video with Adobe Spark.

  • Understand what makes for an effective and compelling video on mobile

  • Top tips to increase viewership

  • Three factors impacting video rankings

Video Doesn’t Have to Be Hard to Create

Creating video is usually an expensive and time-consuming process, but it doesn’t have to be. Using Adobe Spark you can quickly and easily create free animated videos to use in your ads in just minutes.

You don’t need anything to get started, you can search for images and select music as you create your video. Or upload your own assets.

Tips for Effective Storytelling Through Video

  1. Make sure it works with the sound off

    • Videos on Facebook will begin playing automatically without audio. Play your video with the sound off to make sure your message still shines through. We recommend using captions, subtitles and text in your video to communicate you major points without the need for audio.

      • Word of Advice: Don’t rely on the subtitles only. We see far too many agents post a video with NO caption. Why? They assume the viewer will see the subtitles. Entice your audience with captivating captions and keep them engaged with sultry subtitles.

  2. Tell a Story

    • Don’t get caught up in the length of the video as much as the story. We believe all great stories have a beginning, middle and end. That doesn’t mean you have to give all parts of the story in one video. It means to lead your audience down a story rather than posting several videos that usually include a CTA (we refer to these as endings of a story).

  3. Enhanced Thumbnails and Icons

    • Don’t rely on the generated thumbnails. Enhance your videos and encourage viewership with rich imagery that will entice users to click on your video. Also, use the first 10 seconds of a video to use captivating visuals and “cliff hangers” to keep your audience wanting “more”.

4. Clear, Concise, Call to Action

  • Does your video include the “next step”? Does it inform your potential client on what they should do next? Whether you want them to “Learn More”, “Sign Up”, etc., a clear call to action will improve performance.

    • Word of Advice: This is not a call to action. “If you or someone you know is looking to buy or sell a home , let me know. Thanks!” Transform this message into, “I’ve created a special website for you to learn more information about buying or selling a home. Click Here >>> (link goes here) to Learn More

5. Authenticity

  • Whether you’re loaded down with listings, trying to drum up business, or you’re just getting started, you always have a story to tell. And remember, not every contact in your database may be ready to buy or sell right now. That’s ok. The beauty of storytelling is that you can create various stories that speak to people at different points in your followers journey. No matter how you label them, stories sell! Your audience will appreciate the authentic tone and personalized content.

Your Smartphone is Very Powerful

A smartphone is a highly personalized environment where your video reaches, literally, into the palm of someone's hand.

64% of adult smartphone users who view video content within social networking sites/apps do so at least once per day. That number jumps to 72% when looking at the 18-34 demographic, according to Nielsen.

Of course, many mobile videos are short and are watched by people on the go. People pick up their phones many times in the day, flicking from one thing to the next. 

However, Facebook believes people are watching longer mobile videos in planned, focused sessions of captivated viewing. For example, when relaxing at home after work.

Use the best aspect ratio for the viewing environment

Different placements require different aspect ratios to avoid display issues. 

recommend using a vertical aspect ratio on Facebook Feed and Stories: 

  • Mobile screen sizes are small, so make the most of the screen real estate, remembering that most people hold their phone vertically.

  • If you don't have vertical video, you can edit together existing videos or images to create a vertical ad.

  • Explore different frames to highlight key elements focusing on those that will catch viewers' eyes and strengthen your message. Create visual surprises by playing with dimensions or moving between the foreground and background of your scene.

Watch the Salomon ad Facebook example, right, to see how a video can be edited to work in different aspect ratios.

Video allows you to connect with prospects and customers on much more intimate level. Facebook amplifies that intimacy via personal interactions in the comments on both native and live video. The key, of course – and the biggest challenge – is to make sure people watch your videos all the way through.

There are a few ways to go about this:

  • Go for widescreen with a ratio of 1920 x 1080 pixels.

  • Carefully optimize your video’s text and thumbnail, adding relevant tags and compelling description.

  • Schedule the video so it’s published during a period of high engagement.

  • Make the first comment on your video prior to release.

  • Focus on telling a compelling story, and design the video around that purpose.

  • Promote the video through a Facebook ad campaign.

Facebook Live Button

Facebook live video is another excellent way to generate leads, especially combined with Facebook ads. It can even be integrated with Facebook Messenger bots. The bot can do the talking for you, delivering the information the customers are looking for while you focus on the video.

This doesn’t need to be a costly proposition. You can use Facebook Live from your desktop without requiring costly software or studio-quality tech. All you need is a decent webcam and microphone along with an open-source tool like OBS Studio. You can also use the BeLive plugin to go live with another person and bring comments on the screen like the video below.

Another way you can use videos for engagement is by hosting a Facebook Watch Party in one of your Facebook groups. This involves holding a live screening of pre-recorded videos, made publicly available via your group. Members can watch and comment on the video at the same time, creating a shared experience.

Think of it like a bunch of friends getting together online to watch a TV broadcast.

Facebook Watch Party

Three Factors Impacting Video Ranking

Updates: May 6, 2019: Facebook Project Management Director, David Miller, announces major updates to video rankings.

Above all, Facebook wants to help people discover great videos and build relationships with the creators and publishers that matter to them. That would be you, and this is why video across all of your four pillars of content are invaluable.


  • Intent and repeat viewership are important factors we consider when surfacing videos to people in News Feed. Going forward, Facebook will add more weight in ranking to videos that people seek out and return to week after week.


  • Unoriginal or repurposed content from other sources without added value are demoted, as well as video content from business Pages that are involved in sharing schemes. Added restrictions and limited distribution was added for this type of content.


  • The goal is to capture viewer’s attention for at least one minute, according to Facebook. Now, more weight is added to videos that keep people engaged on videos at least three minutes.

Sources: Facebook | Social Media Examiner | DigitalMarketer | Adobe Spark

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