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Facebook Analytics

How well do you know your audience?

Better yet, who is your target audience and how do they “behave”?

Do you know the age, gender, education level or job title of the people that follow your business Page? What about the people on Facebook as a whole? Who is your ideal “avatar”?

Module Outline and Objectives:

  • Familiarize yourself with Audience Insights

  • Find and understand the Analytics tool

  • Identify the benefits of using both tools

  • Know what insights are available

  • Be able to read the insights within the tool

On a scale from 1 to 10, with 10 indicating that you know everything, how well do you think you know your audience? Comment your number below (before you read this fully)

Why use Audience Insights for your Real Estate business?

Facebook Audience Insights allows you to get to know your potential audience through the information that people share on Facebook.

If you want to know more about people who follow your Page, or people on Facebook more broadly, you can use Audience Insights to help you develop a marketing campaign and generate results.

Understanding your audience's interests and preferences can help you better tailor your message and creative or it can cause you to rethink your marketing strategy.

Facebook Audience Insights enables you to learn more about your audience on Facebook so you can create more relevant content for them.

The tool uses Facebook information, like demographics and interests, as well as external information from select third-party partners. This information allows you to compare the characteristics of your audience with information that users are willing to share on Facebook to find out what’s unique about them.

Where can you find your Audience Insights?

From your Facebook Page, click Insights in the top tab.

Facebook Insights

What Audience Insights can offer to you

Facebook Insights Overview

This is your Insights Overview tab. A quick browse around here will show you what is happening on your Page. You can changed the Page Summary date range at the top of the Page.

Your Insights tab will give you a lot of detailed information about your current Facebook Page Fans.

Audience Insights are based on available information and/or information that people are willing to share with Facebook.

The data contained in Facebook Insights helps you learn how your audience has responded to your marketing, but analyzing it can be a bit of a difficult task.

Action Item: The first thing you’ll want to do is go to your Facebook Page Manager and click Insights. On the Overview tab, click on Export Data.

Once you’ve figured out the time frame you want to analyze and downloaded the file, we recommend freezing the top row and adding a total to all columns using Excel’s =sum() formula. This will make everything a little easier to view.

Insight data includes…

  1. Likes and like sources.

  2. New likes vs. unlikes.

  3. Video stats.

There’s also the post data file, which gives information on reach and engagement for individual Facebook posts. The video data file, meanwhile, provides a detailed breakdown of video metrics.

Facebook Insights Tabs

Here are some of the recommended Insights we think you should pay attention to

Post Types

Remember, based on the Facebook Algorithm, video gets the most engagement. Our data for the week shows that our videos got TRIPLE the amount of clicks (meaning people watched them). We also averaged over 60 more people per post seeing our videos as versus our photos.

Action Item: Are you tracking your engagements? Remember, it’s not about the amount of posts you create, it’s about the amount of posts your audience sees, engages with, and thus, increase your viewership. Go into your Insights, click Posts and then see what posts are resonating with your audience.

Facebook Insights Engagement

Here is another aspect we see Pages drastically get wrong.


On your Insights Page click on the People tab. This will show you the country, city, and language of your fans.

Did you know where your Fans are from?

Most people run ads to show them to the most people. However, if someone in a different country is unlikely to buy or sell a house with you it doesn’t make sense to waste money showing them an ad.

If you see a lot of Fans in a country you don’t work in, we recommend removing those Page Likes.

Yes, removing page likes. Why? When you run ads in the future, Facebook uses Your Fans to help calculate the best people to show your ad to after it has exhausted your target audience.

This is why the Chief Marketing Officer of Facebook advises NOT to boost a post to a small audience, because once that audience has been exhausted Facebook will show your boosted post to the ‘13 year old kids who will take up the rest of your budget’. Exact words from his mouth.

Remove People from your Page

If you find your page being liked by a lot of people outside of your target audience this is how you can remove them.

Click on your Page’s Settings in the top Right hand corner and then click People and Other Pages.

Once here you can click the checkbox next to a name and then the gear icon to remove them. Yes, you can do multiple at a time, and once again, we recommend it. If you’ve ever run an ad to get page likes and your audience size was 567,123,183,348+, you probably have a lot of “fake” Fans and/or Fans in a different country taking up your ad budget and hurting your engagement rates.

Facebook People and Other Pages

Country Restrictions

Another great way to ensure your posts are seen by the people you want them to be seen by are Country Restrictions.

As the name implies, you can restrict your content to specific countries or you can exclude it from countries.
This is a great “catch all” to make sure your ads are not being seen by people you do not want them to be seen by.

Click Settings and scroll down to Country Restrictions.

Here is an example of what that could look like for you:

Facebook Country Restrictions

Understanding Facebook Insights and Facebook Analytics

Facebook Insights and Facebook Analytics help you analyze and report on the performance of your marketing efforts. Using these tools, you can see how your Facebook audience responds to your marketing, reveal users’ interactions with advanced goal paths, event shed light on your Customer Lifetime Value.

Now let’s jump into Analytics.

Facebook Analytics

We recommend getting started by exploring the Facebook Analytics dashboard.

Depending on what you currently use, go to your Ads Manager or Business Manager. Once there, hover over the “hamburger icon” in the top left and click on Analytics.

If you have multiple pages connected, click the page you want to view and this is what your dashboard will look like:

Facebook Analytics

Here, you’ll be able to a lot about your business and its audience, including active users, purchases, sales funnels, top commented posts and more.

Facebook Analytics

The extensive reporting capabilities of Facebook come in handy when partnering with third parties to manage your Pages on your behalf. Why? A marketing consultant can come in here and see how your Page is working, who is reacting to what, the types of ads that are generating leads and more.

The most important thing to remember about Facebook Analytics is that it allows you to determine the specific return on investment of your marketing and advertising efforts. It’s a valuable tool not only because it allows you to identify what’s working (and what isn’t), but because it can be used to direct spending. Facebook Analytics applies to more than Facebook Pages and groups, as well.

Your analytics can also be based off of website activity with a Facebook pixel, Google insights, third party websites and much more. We will break each of these down in a separate module.

For now, before jumping into paid advertising, we recommend reviewing your Breakdowns. These will show you Top Commented Posts, Top Shared Posts and Top Reacted Posts.

Again, you should be creating content your audience wants, therefore not spending time creating content they do not want.

Screenshot 2019-05-13 19.33.41.png

Facebook Insights and Analytics seem daunting. Our goal is to break through the noise and show you what is most important.

Don’t spend hours trying to become an expert with all of the different functions.

To sum up this entire module:

  1. Find what content resonates with your audience and create more of that content

  2. Stop worrying about attracting Fans that bring no value to your or your audience

  3. If you’re for everyone, you’re for no one

Facebook Analytics

Download the Facebook Analytics app here on iTunes or Google Play

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