How To Tell Your Story Through Social Media

Keynote Speech from Impact Agent Conference

What is a Story and How Do You Tell It?

Hi everyone! If this is the first time reading any of my content I just want you to know one thing, no matter what you hear, you are unique, authentic and everything you’re meant to be. I hope this blog inspires you to not only see that, but to believe it as well.

Here is my speech from the Impact Agent Conference in New Orleans, as well as my thoughts, breakdown and you can get even my slides at the bottom of this post.

I believe all great stories have a beginning, middle and end.

Why I am telling you this? How can this help my business?

Did you know? When you tell a fact, the brain uses 2 parts. However, when you tell a story, the brain uses 5….

Take that in for a minute. The brain uses 3 more parts when you tell a story. This is significant not just because it’s a higher number, it is significant because it does something a fact cannot do. It allows your audience (think past, current, future clients, family, friends, etc.) to fit themselves into the story. When your audience is constantly envisioning themselves as part of your stories, you gain trust that a mere fact cannot manifest.

Look at this fact below:

Social Media Strategy.jpg

According to the National Association of Realtors (NAR) Home Buyer Seller Generational Trends Reports (that’s a long name..), 22% of home purchases were done based off finding the home in the newspaper. The NEWSPAPER. In 2018, 44% of homes were found and purchased online.

I thought you were talking about stories, now you’re talking about stats

Stay with me. The reason this is important, among many others facts I could tell you, is because real estate happens online, and the best place to tell stories online is through social media.

Here are some more facts. This time from the 2018 NAR Technology Survey, which covered how many agents are using social media and which platforms are used.

Social media for real estate business.png

Note: If you don’t know if you’re using social media, something is wrong…

So far, we’ve established a few things:

  1. A great story has a beginning, middle and end

  2. The brain is wired for storytelling

  3. People buy homes online

  4. 1% of agents don’t know if they use social media… (I’m still laughing about this)

Time to bring you home

What was the last social media post you did? Was it about you? your team? a recent home sale? your family? community? What was it? (This isn’t a trick or hypothetical question…. what was it? If you don’t know, check)

Now, how did that post make you FEEL?

Look at the caption. If you took away your name and photo from the post, would your current and past clients know this is your VOICE?

Did you write the standard “Just Sold: x Bed, X Bath, X sqft. Our team is #1. Work with us. Have a great weekend!”

If you did, great job, you just told a fact, and there is nothing wrong with telling facts (as long as you are actually telling facts, but that’s a different story…)

So, if your recent post, or more importantly, all of your posts are telling facts, they are not generating feeling, emotion, they are not told in your voice and you are posting just because you were told to post, you are missing a HUGE opportunity.

A Story Does What a Fact Cannot and Will Never Be Able to Do

A story, as I stated before, allows a person to fit themselves into the story. It allows your audience to resonate with you, to know, like and trust you, and it separates you from the crowd of agents that continue to tell facts.

Prefer to listen to the audio? I’ve got you covered.

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Reports mentioned in this blog:

NAR Home Buyer and Seller Generational Report

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Download: Social Media Storytelling Worksheet

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