Instagram Overview

Instagram serves a global community of over 1 billion accounts that are active every month. People on Instagram use it to share moments, find passions, get inspired and take action. Instagram can help businesses of any size find customers and grow their businesses on the platform by showing what kind of business they own and what they can do for customers. With Instagram, businesses can promote products and services to an intrigued and captivated global audience. This is a great place to tell your story, the story of your brand, your community and your real estate stories.

Module Outline and Objectives:

  • Learn Instagram’s growth and history

  • Get started with Instagram for your business to reach more people

  • Utilizing Insights and Analytics

  • Advertising and Marketing through Instagram and Stories

  • Utilizing hashtags, live video and locations to be discovers

Source: Instagram

Source: Instagram

Instagram's mission:

Strengthen relationships through shared experiences.

Be found, grow your audience, and convert clients

Instagram is a free photo and video sharing app owned by Facebook. People are browsing what interests them on Instagram, including services and business products. According to the National Association of Realtors, in 2018, only 39% of Realtors utilized Instagram. That seems like a low number, but in 2017, the number was only 14%.

. Instagram has created tools to help you find and connect with customers and drive growth. 

You can use Instagram for free to grow your business organically. You can pay to advertise on Instagram. Or, you can do a combination of both. 

Comprehensive Instagram Overview

Below is an overview to bring you up to speed on the major aspects of Instagram. Remember, the goal is to leverage social media to create a business and life you love.

Instagram Business Profile

Establish your business presence on Instagram and unlock free messaging features, insights and ad solutions tools when you convert your Instagram profile into a Business Profile. 

Creating an Instagram Business Profile

With the latest Instagram app downloaded, click your profile photo at the bottom right and click settings at the top right. Then click “switch to business profile”.

Next, connect your business profile to your Facebook, which is needed to add your contact information, create ads, and more.

Instagram Insights

Get information about the engagement and activity on your posts and the people that follow you with the Instagram Insights tool. This tool can be accessed when you convert your Instagram profile into a Business Profile.  This analytics tool allows you to see the amount of impression, reach, clicks to your website and more.

Instagram Promote tool

Create a quick ad that promotes a new or existing post from your business profile with the Promote feature on Instagram. When promoting a post, you can select the target audience, budget and duration. You can create your own audience or allow Instagram to create one for you.

Account restrictions

To make sure you do not get banned from Instagram, adhere to the following:

  • Instagram limits the amount of people you can follow to 7,500 accounts

    • Also, Instagram limits how many people you can follow in a day based off the length of your account. A newer account will have lower following limits.

  • Max amount of ‘likes’ in an hour is 350

  • Group messaging caps at 15 accounts

  • Hashtags are limited to 30 per post and 10 per story

  • Tags are limited to 20 accounts per post and 10 per story

Selling on Instagram

Selling anything online is a daunting task. Instagram has features that allows you to promote and sell services to a targeted audience. However, don’t expect most people to tap on a house and swipe their credit card on Instagram.

What you’ll want to do is create relationships and connection with your target audience. Doing so will drive business to your website, address, email, direct messages, etc. through the use of action buttons.

Using the ‘squares’ on your Instagram to your advantage requires telling a story.

When structured this way, your feed will fall in line with the Instagram algorithm:

  • 4 Posts adding value and helping your target audience

  • 3 posts creating connection with your target audience

  • 2 posts selling or promoting

Advertising on Instagram

Instagram allows you to creates ads that drive traffic to your profile, your website or your direct messages.

You can turn your Instagram Stories into ads as well. Just like a Story, the ad will only be seen for 24 hours.

You can utilize the Facebook ads manager to also create ads directly on Instagram and within Stories.

Marketing with Instagram Stories


Outside of advertising, Instagram Stories on their own allow you to increase brand awareness and create engagement.

Utilize Stories to show behind the scenes throughout the four pillars of your content (personal, brand, community and real estate).

Your Story Highlights allow you to enhance your profile while also keep a “library” of specific stories. Unlike a traditional Story, highlights allow you to save custom categories on your profile.

You can share one of your Instagram posts into your Story to increase its reach.

Within Stories, you can use ‘stickers’ such as polls, questions, music, countdowns and more.

Utilizing Instagram Hashtags

Hashtags are used to keep specific topics organized and to help others find specific topics.

You can follow hashtags to connect with your target audience.

You can also use up to 30 hashtags per Instagram post. Any Instagram user can search for a specific hashtag.

Word of advice: When using hashtags, don’t focus on the ones that have the most posts (Instagram will show you the number), instead, focus on relevant hashtags with a lower amount of posts. This will help your post be seen and not lost in the sea of other posts.

Tagging a location is another effective tool on Instagram. You can tag local restaurants, parks, your own office and more. Doing so allows more people to find you on Instagram.

Live Video On Instagram

Live video, through Instagram Stories, are a phenomenal way to grow followers, create excitement, and deliver valuable information.

A live video, will keep your video at the top of user feeds for 24 hours. Unlike Stories, live videos do not get pushed to the side, unless there are more live videos happening. Make sure to save your video for viewing after you end your live stream.

In Conclusion

Instagram is a social network that has taken the world by storm with huge growth over the past few years.

Originally established as a photography app in October 2010, the site now has more than 1 billion monthly active users. Facebook bought the app in 2012, and new features are released regularly to keep in line with competitors.

Instagram is a hugely visual platform, allowing users to upload inspirational images and videos. With only 39% of Realtors using Instagram in 2018, this is a great opportunity to establish your brand before the number jumps even higher.

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