Fundamentals of Storytelling

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Whether you’re loaded down with listings, trying to drum up business, or you’re just getting started, you always have a story to tell. And remember that not every contact in your database may be ready to buy or sell right now. That’s ok. The beauty of storytelling is that you can create various stories that speak to people at different points in your followers journey. And no matter how you label them, stories sell!

Be sure to review the “How to Tell Your Story Through Social Media” topic which covers the four foundational pillars your should build your social media strategy. Personal, brand, community, industry (in this case, real estate).

Fundamentals of Storytelling

  • Relevance

    The content of the story, from design to copy, has to be captivating for your visitors. The best stories are those other people can understand and connect with.

    As a real estate agent, your goal should be to communicate how relatable you are. Leads want to know an agent understands what they’re looking for in a home, from the stresses that go along with relocating to the specific amenities every homebuyer and seller wants in their neighborhood and community.

    Evaluate what you hope to provide to your potential clients and what’s personal and important to you, and promote those front and center.

    Think of Relevance as Relatable…

    … Are you trying to appeal to everyone or those who relate to you? Remember, if you’re for everyone you’re for no one.

    On your next post, think to yourself, is this post relevant? Can someone relate? If so, post away. If not, well… maybe you should just hold on to it.

  • Structure

    All stories must be structured and a good story has a beginning, middle and end. Any piece of content which strives to drive a specific action should have an introduction, a body and a call to action (CTA). Remember, no story is alike, and all agents have a different approach on what they are aiming to achieve.

    Every aspect of your social media should always communicate you story. If you work primarily in the luxury market, your logo, pieces of content, contact information and every aspect you put out should resonate with luxury. Conversely, if you primarily work with vacation homes, your stories should align and fit with that theme.

    I’ll say it until everyone understands this very clearly, know who you are and what you offer. If you’re for everyone, you’re for no one.

  • Simplicity

    Sometimes you really just need to hear this. Less is more. Don’t overcomplicate everything or you will never get things done. You don’t have to be perfect. Your posts will never be perfect. Before you get into crazy video editing, just post relevant and structured content.

  • Authenticity

    A lot of people post relevant content. Most have some sort of structure. Few make it simple enough to create repetition. The majority lack… AUTHENTICITY.

    What do I mean by being authentic? Being authentic. Don’t Google the caption to post. Don’t search everyone’s profile to figure out how to do what they do, say what they say, look like they do, etc.

    A great story comes from the heart and it is told the way you see. It may not be the “best”, heck, some may not see it the same way. But, it’s the truth and that shines greater than anything.

Remember, the brain uses 2 parts when you tell a fact and 5 when you tell a story.

Always make sure your posts have relevance. Question to ask: Can people relate to this?

Have structure. A great story has a beginning, middle and end. Does yours?

While others are busy trying to automate everything, make everything happen without them and try every new system, you telling the story and keeping it simple will resonate even louder.

Last, but certainly not least, be authentic. You want to work with people who want to work for you.

ATTRACT that audience using authenticity.

Download: Social Media Storytelling Worksheet

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