Best Times to Post

How Often Should You Post on Social Media?

This is one of the biggest questions we receive. Thus, we put together some great infographics for you to print out and keep handy in your office. Download the Slides Here

There is tons of advice floating around on not only what and where you should post, but also when. Rather than listen to people and companies that are not showing the data, we compiled our statistics based off research of 10 top companies. However, as you will quickly point out, no, they are not all real estate related.

“Then why would you use them?” Great question

We want you to understand how social media works in the big picture so you can apply that to real estate. If you only look at the real estate stats, and not everyone is buying or selling a house this instance, then your numbers are skewed.

We’ve also put the images on this post if you cannot download at the moment:

What about YouTube? Wait, 15 Tweets per Day?!

The numbers above are based on the following companies/people: Buffer, Constant Contact, HubSpot, Localvox, Nulou, Quick Sprout, Forbes, Social Media Week, Convince and Convert, and Adobe.

Our Thoughts on the Numbers:

  • No, we don’t Tweet 15 times a day. We actually don’t know anyone who does. Does that mean you should or shouldn’t? Did we just confuse you with that question?

    • We are preparing our full Twitter topic module. However, based on the statistics, features, etc. this is our least recommended platform to start on if social media is new to you. Why? We are advocates on story telling and you should be too. With Twitter’s character limits, you either have to get really creative (which is possible) or break your “Tweets” up. We keep rambling, and Twitter doesn’t let us do that, so we will stop here.

      • Our advice for Twitter, have it connected to your Facebook profile so when you post from Facebook it automatically “Tweets” your post. If you are more advanced, we do recommend using Twitter to INTERACT WITH BUSINESSES. This is the #1 way large companies communicate with their audience.

  • Your audience is not exactly like every company out there. Nor is it like every other agent. You have to track YOUR analytics based on YOUR audience. How do you do that? That’s why you’re here. We will be breaking down each platform to show you exactly where to find YOUR numbers and to fit in the best times for YOUR audience.

    • DOWNLOAD this “Best Times to Post” and you will notice there are times and days missing for YOU to fill in your best times and days based on YOUR audience.

      • Additionally, we are going to ask everyone to email in their data so we can compile it and share with everything.

Being in this group is cool, right? We think so!

Click the slide below to download the best times to post template for you to fill in your times.

Let us know your thoughts and comments below:

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