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Hey, It’s Jonathan Hawkins! Let me be the first to welcome you to The Hashtag Agent.

The most common question I am receiving at this point: “What is the difference in the free account and the paid account?”

The “free account” is our “Community” program. The “paid account” is our “Academy” program. Everyone with a free account has access to the “Community Content” below.

As always, no matter what topic you’re on, page you’re looking at, etc., if you have any technical difficulties, have a feature request, want a specific topic covered, etc., please use the Support form we’ve created specifically for this group.

[Academy Members] You can also voice any comments, questions, etc. in The Hashtag Agent Academy private Facebook group.

[Community Members] Be sure to join The Hashtag Agent Community private Facebook group.

The “Course Content Roadmap” is your guide and our content release schedule.

The Hot Seat

the hot seat

Academy members now have the opportunity to sit in the “Hot Seat”. This is where you get to be in the spotlight, and along with other members, our team spends the entire session focusing on you and the particular problems or issues you are facing.

We will fully dive into your social media profiles to pick out the good, the bad and the “are you really doing that?!”. The goal is to harness our collective wisdom, experience, and knowledge to help you.

You can listen in on each call to get support for your own business. All sessions are recorded so you can listen to them over-and-over again.

Are you ready to sit in The Hot Seat?

Upcoming Topics to Be Released (in Order):

Upcoming ACADEMY Facebook Live Q+A

Our next [ACADEMY] LIVE Q+A is on May 23 at 11:00am PST! We’ll be answering your specific questions about our current topics, features, technical difficulties and more, so feel free to start writing your questions in the Facebook group. Even if you can’t tune in live, use this opportunity to ask specific questions and you can see the answers when you watch the replay.

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The Hashtag Agent COMMUNITY

We are building this community for longevity. Our private Facebook Group is the perfect place to connect with other real estate agents, ask questions, get answers, and discover the motivation you need to keep growing your business through social media. Best part? No charge.

Join our Facebook Group Here >>>

#REalStories Documentary Series

The idea of The Hashtag Agent grew from a mission I have to make a monumental transformation in the real estate industry.

Why? Unfortunately, the real estate industry is riddled with stereotypes. 100% of donations will help support #REalStories, a video documentary series where my team and I are traveling across the country with one goal in mind, to tell your story.

Stay tuned for more information and updates. Yes, this is the chair my idea started in…



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